YES! We Did It….

August 16, 2014


Octavia’s Mission for Forgotten Children

$13,465 RAISED of a $10,000 GOAL

We have completed our first fundraiser for “The Forgotten Children”.  Not only did we reach our goal we went over it!  Octavia will be traveling to Belarus to work one on one with these beautiful kids who have been affected by Chernobyl.

Her goal on this mission is to not only bring love, attention, care, and nurturing while she is there, but to also work with them developmentally to help them become higher functioning.  The group she works most with is the high-risk/high dependency unit that is bed-bound, and often “tied” to their beds.  While she is there, she watches over the unit 24 hours a day.  She has also intervened to stop abuse.  Octavia attends every feeding, and actually feeds them herself (three times a day).  She changes diapers, administers meds, massages them, talks to them, assesses their developmental needs and PLAY’S with them.  She plays music so they have something to hear besides the cries of other children who are in pain.  Her goal on this trip is to work one on one with the nurses and caregivers and try to help them understand a better way to interact with these precious children.   “We have to change the mindset of the people who work with these kids day-in and day-out as that is when their quality of care will significantly improve”.

THANK YOU to all that donated.  Our family, friends, board members, OTB supporters and all of our new anonymous friends for your generosity.  Thank you to all those who helped spread the word and bring awareness to these Forgotten Children of Chernobyl.  I want to give a special thank you to Octavia for being the voice of these children.  We are forever grateful for you for helping kids help kids.