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I am Jax Arnold. When I started this charity I was 14 months old.  Yes, I am blessed, but I know that there are kids out there that maybe aren’t as fortunate right now.  All they need is some encouragement and maybe a helping hand.  So my mom encouraged me and my buddies to start our own charity.  My goal is to throw a fun afternoon party, not a fancy shmancy deal, where me and my pals get to hang out, play games and eat things.  You can never have enough friends  so everyone is invited.  Each year we give all the proceeds to a different kid charity, and really try to make a difference.  For now I am just going to help any way that I can.  I do this out of love, but also common sense.  A helping hand if you will.  Karma.  I like it and believe in it because it works both ways.  Thank you for checking out Kids Helping Kids and for helping me make a difference.



P.S.  My friend Maria Shriver published this article on me and my awesome parents.  Check it out to learn more about why my amazing mom helped me to start all of this.