The Conscience Parent

imageOne of the ways our children’s inner voice is developed is through the communication in which we create with them. If we speak from a place of love, worthiness, belief, acknowledgment, peace and positivity, our children will take the seeds of this language, plant them into their minds, absorb them over time and blossom into their fullest being and potential and share it with others.

However, if we speak from a place of disapproval, unworthiness, rejection, frustration and negativity, our children will plant these tainted seeds into their minds and never have a chance of really tapping into their true essence. Instead these will be the “recordings” that play over and over in their heads for years ahead that begin to define their emptiness, “not enough” sense of self.

As we learn to tap more into our inner voice, we can and will continue to lay the foundation for trust, self-belief and fulfillment in our children’s lives and generations to follow. This change begins with one parent, one child, one day at a time.

Dr. Shefali Tsabary, author of The Conscious Parent, shares some additional and very insightful thoughts as it pertains to bettering understanding and honoring our children’s inner voice.

“When you are able to respect the unfolding of your child’s particular journey, you teach them to nurture their own inner voice and simultaneously honor the voice of others.”

“As our children see that their presence is both meaningful and important to us, they learn to trust inner voice.”

“At every opportunity, encourage your children to listen to their inner voice, love the process of learning, enjoy the mastery of a skill, revel in taking a risk, and laugh at themselves when they fail. This is how you teach them to manifest their true creative potential.”