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Hello Friends…..


I am Jax Arnold. I am 14 months old and when I’m not eating the newspaper or gnawing on my dad’s iPhone I like to count my many blessings.  First and foremost, I have the absolute best father in the world.  I also have a mother.  Yes, I am blessed, but I know that there are kids out there that maybe aren’t as fortunate right now.  All they need is some encouragement and maybe a helping hand.  So me and my buddies started our own charity.  Not a fancy schmancy deal like my superstar father goes to (sometimes with my mother, usually with his publicist) but a fun afternoon where me and my pals get to hang out, play games and eat things.  You can never have enough friends (even if you have an amazing father) so everyone is invited.  Each year we give all the proceeds to a different kid charity, and really try to make a difference.  I do this out of love, but also common sense.  My father is older and in show business.  Since that’s the most unstable business of all I know that one day I too might need a little encouragement.  A helping hand if you will.  Karma.  I like it and believe in it because it works both ways.